You don’t need a student loan to learn web development, here is a list of free online resources to help you get started.

For those of us who are already a web developer it may seem obvious but when you are just getting started and don’t know what to do, it is nice to have a guide where to start. Here are links to free resources to learn how to become a web developer.
A Web Developer is someone who works with databases and server-side programming. They are different from Front-End Web Developers.

I’ve compiled a chronological list of free interactive tutorials to start on this career path.

Start with HTML
HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the markup language for web pages. It is the heart of web pages, so this is what you should aim first. HTML is easy to learn, but it is also easy to misuse. Learn it right, and you’ll get one of your fundamentals as web developer.

Delve Into Server Side Scripting
Learning server side scripting is fundamental for web developers. This is what sets you apart from being a Front End Web Developer. Pick one of the server side scripting languages and try to master it. Here are some of your choices:

Learn Databases
Building dynamic web pages will get you to learn about databases. While there are so many database engines, most of them understand SQL language. If you want to speak with your database then you have to learn this language.

Acquire CSS3 Knowledge
When it comes to presentation of your web pages, use stylesheets. This is where CSS will help you. So put some of your time to learn this stuff. I just want to mention Sass, which is great to know once you’ve learned CSS. It is also great to learn Sass.

JavaScript Knowhow
While most of today’s web programmer are drowning in so many JavaScript frameworks to choose from, basic syntax and how to program in JavaScript will give you more skill in the long run.

Regular Expression Wisdom
While it is not as important as the others, knowing about Regular Expression, and how to use it will definitely save you a lot of time. From validation to highlighting words, you can do it easy enough in Regular Expression.

Get Some Basics of Linux
This one is optional, but knowing some basic Linux commands won’t hurt you. Maybe you don’t know, but most web servers are running Unix/Linux platform. If I were you, I’ll get started learning basic Linux CLI or Command Line Interface.

Knowing Web Server
You don’t need to be a master on this part, but it is really nice to know about basic Apache configuration, .htaccess tricks. Learning one or two about Apache web server won’t waste your time. To be able to practice using Apache you can install WAMP or XAMPP.

Use Version Control
Learning how to use version control is one good thing to do. You’ll thank yourself for learning this.

Play With Content Management Systems
Content management systems are in demand. They started off as blogging frameworks but have become very prevalent ranging from personal websites to large corporate ones. Most of them are open source so they are free. I suggest downloading some of them and tinker around with them to know how they work.

Dive Into Web Frameworks
After you become familiar with HTML, server side scripting, CSS, Javascript, you’re well on your way on becoming a full pledge web developer. To make your life easier choose a web framework. It can totally make your life a lot easier. A good understanding of your chosen server-side scripting language and databases is needed to effectively leverage web frameworks. If you chose PHP, you can go with Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, Zend. Want to go with Python you can use Django, Flask. If Ruby there’s Ruby on Rails.

It goes without saying that all the free tutorials in the world will not amount to anything if we don’t practice it. Get your hands dirty and practice, practice and more practice. I hope this article serves as a road map to becoming a great web developer and give direction on where to start. Good luck.

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